Cheap Flights to India: Save Big With Air India’s Student Discount

If you are a student with travel plans, your top priority should be booking cheap flights to India. Choosing Air India is a wise move because they offer airfare discounts for students as well as savings on domestic travel. 

But you must fulfil Air India’s requirements to be eligible for these savings. When you meet these requirements, you will be eligible for the student discount, which will lower the cost of your domestic flights within India. So, this blog will discuss how the Air India student discount reduces travel expenses and the terms and conditions of the same.

Key Terms and Conditions for Air India Students Discount

Here are some key terms and conditions for student discounts on Air India:

  • Eligibility:

Students who enroll full-time at accredited institutions are eligible for the student discount.

  • Proof of Student Status:

To be eligible for Air India student discounts, travelers must present documentation of their enrollment.

  • Booking Requirements:

Subject to availability, reservations for Air India student discount fares must be made in advance via the airline’s website or authorized travel agencies.

  • Applicable Rules:

Students’ airfare discounts are valid on a limited number of domestic Air India routes. Moreover, flights outside of the country are not covered.

  • Restrictions:

Certain limitations, such as blackout dates, least stay requirements, and advance buy requirements, may apply to student discount fares. Thus, these limitations might change depending on the particular fare policies.

  • Non-Transferable:

The student discounts offered by Air India are not refundable or transferable, and changes to the reservation may incur extra costs.

Does Air India Offer a Student Discount for Cheap Flights to India?

Students can get about a 25% discount when they fly with Air India. More benefits, like an Air India student baggage allowance, are included with this discount. Besides this, you can buy your tickets online and get these savings, or you can call a staff member for help.

Moreover, there are two ways for students to enjoy these savings and advantages. Customers have two options for booking their tickets: they can use Air India’s website to do so online, or they can call Air India customer care for any help. 

Ways to Get Air India Student Discounts

Take these actions to receive the Air India student discount:

  • Verification of the status of the student:

Make sure you fulfill Air India’s requirements for eligibility to get the student discount. Which usually includes being a full-time student enrolled in an accredited educational institution.

  • Booking Method:

You can choose to make your reservation over the phone with an Air India agent or online via the airline’s official website.

  • Online Booking:

If you choose to book online, go to the booking section of Air India’s website. Furthermore, look for deals on cheap flights to India for student travel or housing. Then follow the directions to enter your student information and get the discounts.

  • Documentation:

When booking affordable student flights with Air India, have your student ID or enrollment verification ready.

  • Confirmation:

Verify the request for the Air India student discount after making a reservation and ensure the ticket details are correct.

Promo Codes for Air India

Travelers can use promo codes provided by Air India to receive special discounts or offers on their USA-to-India cheap flights.  Thus, these promo codes are often promoted via social media pages, promotional emails, and the official Air India website.

So, to locate and apply an Air India coupon code, take the following actions:

  • For updates on special offers and discount codes, keep an eye on Air India’s official website and social media accounts.
  • To get regular updates on special offers and promo codes delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for Air India’s newsletter or promotional emails.
  • If you come across a promo code, make a note of it or copy it for future use.
  • Carry on making travel arrangements as usual via the Air India website or app.
  • Look for a field or option labeled “Promo Code” or “Discount Code” during the booking process.
  • Put your promo code in the appropriate field.
  • To verify the promo code, click “Apply” or “Submit.”

If the promo code is good and fits your reservation, your student discount should show up in the total fare. Finish the reservation process by entering the necessary payment details.

Air India Extra Baggage Charges For Students

Students who travel with extra luggage are eligible for specific benefits and fees from Air India. Air India provides students with an extra baggage allowance, varying by destination and ticket class. Moreover, students must check in with a proper ID and proof of enrollment to receive this benefit. 

To prevent any unexpected problems or challenges, students must review Air India’s specific policies about baggage allowances and fees before their trip. When making a direct reservation through approved agents or Air India’s official channels, this information will be readily available.


In conclusion, students have an amazing opportunity to lower their travel costs by taking advantage of Air India’s student discounts on cheap flights to India. Moreover, by meeting the eligibility requirements, students can enjoy significant savings and a hassle-free travel experience. 

They are also making their reservations through the official channels, and understanding the terms and conditions. Additionally, knowing the rules about more baggage guarantees a seamless travel experience. Thanks to Air India’s commitment to providing cheap travel options, students can now visit more places.